Digital Authoethnography and Virtual Reality with Pete Jiadong Qiang and Rachel Falconer

I loved how Pete talked about his practice and the work itself. It all came together in a nice entangled mesh of themes and narratives, each element spoke to another. The term 'digital autoethnography' is not my favourite although it does very much describe his practice, with an 'archiving', re-contextualising of places and memories (e.g. personal bedroom) through screenshots, 3D scans, poor images. I just find it a very ugly term. If I were to apply this kind of methodology in my own practice I would want to come up with my own term for it that would describe my specific case.

Modding - hacking - fanfiction - shipping: acts of queering

Chinese B.L. (boys love) novels

Queer maximalism, hyperbodies

Digital Earth Fellowship

I noted a moment during the talk when Pete said artists should write their own manifestos, and say " you have to bloody listen to me!" 

Private domestic sphere has most interesting scope for escape and self expression, exploration (idea which feels to go against some current tendency towards reclaiming public space

'Digital ethnography is an open event' [Pink et al]