Without Bounds to Beat is an experimental documentary that recounts a town’s revival of an ancient folk tradition, placing it in contrast to today’s digital technologies.

Part of Born Digital, a programme of eleven short films commissioned by the BFI, BBC Four and BBC Arts to mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web in 2019:

I was invited by producer Berta Lozarno into this project at the final stages of production, to come up with creative solutions to a problem.
Director Ollie Endersby and Berta were set on the film featuring realistic, to-scale maps to help narrate the story, but Google Earth didn't grant them permission to use their aerial images. As a workaround, I made a series of Photoshop paintings based on Google Earth screenshots, along with fictional interactive map UI elements, which would be well covered by fair use policy. This brought a unique aesthetic dimension to the film.

Below are some bits from the process.

Early GPS marker animation test

Map style experiments

Final images